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Month of Kindness Challenge: Work

Author: Inspire Kindness

Want to make your workplace a better place to be? Download our free Month of Kindness: Work checklist.


Here are 20 ideas to help you spread kindness in the workplace:


  •         Give your leader a compliment.
  •         Invite someone new to lunch.
  •         Teach someone a new skill.
  •         Bring snacks to leave at the coffee bar (hot chocolate, creamer, cookies/chips).
  •         Send a letter or email to someone who helped you or mentored you in your career path.
  •         Offer to run an errand for a co-worker.
  •         Clean that cluttered area that everyone ignores.
  •         Put a positive sticky note on each of your co-worker’s desks.
  •         Bring coffee to a friend.
  •         Go for a walk with a colleague.
  •         Make a positive playlist and send the link to your co-workers on a Friday.
  •         Organize a game lunch to play icebreaker games or cards.
  •         Learn something new about a co-worker.
  •         Post a positive quote in the breakroom.
  •         Offer to take notes in a meeting.
  •         Help someone with technology.
  •         Donate old leadership books or inspirational books to the break room or lounge area.
  •         Write the admin or intern a thank-you card.
  •         Give to the fundraiser of a co-worker’s child.
  •         Bring an umbrella and leave it by the door for someone to borrow.


I think kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I'll put it before any of the things like courage or bravery or generousity or anything else." Roald Dahl


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