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Month of Kindness Challenge: Kids

Author: Inspire Kindness

Get your kids involved with your own Month of Kindness challenge! Download our free Month of Kindness: Kids checklist. 


Below are 20 simple activities they can complete in a month to spread kindness.


  •         Make cookies for a neighbor.
  •         Write down three things you are thankful for about a friend and give it to them.
  •         Make kindness rocks, and leave them in the park or your neighborhood for people to find.
  •         Clean your room without being asked.
  •         Sing someone a song.
  •         Help a sibling with a chore.
  •         Talk to someone who is standing alone by themselves.
  •         Take out the trash.
  •         Make a gift for someone.
  •         Let someone else go first.
  •         Invite someone new to play with you.
  •         Offer to help fold clothes or socks.
  •         Tell your teacher thank you.
  •         Bring an extra snack for a friend.
  •         Make a video message and send it to a relative.
  •         Donate old books to a local library, or to a family with younger children.
  •         Teach something new to someone.
  •         Help clean up after dinner.
  •         Make someone laugh.
  •         Go for a walk and clean up trash on your block, or at a local park.


"Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change." Bob Kerrey


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