The Kindness Crew

Take your kindness to the next level by committing to help us further this movement. As a member of the Kindness Crew, you will be our partner in increasing our Kindness Counter, generating kindness stories, and spreading the idea of intentional kindness everywhere. Plus, you’ll earn free merch!

Step 1

Create a Free Account

Sign up for free using your email or an existing social account, providing access to kindness inspirations and opportunities for you to shine the kindness spotlight.

Step 2

Collect Kindness Points

For each kind act you complete or story you submit, your Kindness Points will increase, and so will our global Kindness Counter. You rock.

Step 3

Earn Rewards

Points earn you free merchandise from our Kindness Store. We can’t wait to ship you a new t-shirt, mug, or tote just for being intentional about being kind.

The Kindness Counter

Kindness is a transformative experience. Kindness changes our character and the way we approach each day, which can ultimately transform the world. The Kindness Counter is a way to document our work to make this world better. You can watch both your counter and the global counter increase in the dashboard.