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The Kindness Community

When it comes to kindness, there is strength in numbers. The Kindness Community is a place to be inspired to spread kindness to your family and friends, community, the environment and even yourself.

Step 1

Join the Community

Sign up for free with your email or an existing social account, then follow the prompts to customize your profile. This becomes your very own Kindness Headquarters (HQ), providing access to your kindness challenges, Kindness Points and more.

Step 2

Complete Kind Acts

Within your Kindness HQ, you’ll be challenged with Daily Deeds (simple acts) and Mindful Missions (next-level acts) to inspire action. No act is too small or too big. Each one moves the needle!

Step 3

Track Your Impact

We want you to be empowered and feel encouraged. Our purpose is to create positive impact, so for each kind act you complete, watch your Kindness Points grow and redeem rewards. Think of it as getting a big hug for inspiring kindness.

Time to make a difference.

Be part of the movement.

What are Daily Deeds & Mindful Missions?

Practice makes perfect, so Daily Deeds help us become really good at doing good. The ask is easy: complete a deed and confirm your participation with the click of a button. Each one contributes to the Community Kindness Counter to show how we can make a huge difference, together.

Mindful Missions take kind acts to the next level. They impact more people and are more involved, so each mission includes a reward that can be redeemed in the Kindness Shop - though the real prize is making a difference! To complete a Mindful Mission, upload a photo or video to your Kindness HQ to inspire others in the community.

Complete your own Deeds & Missions.

It's free!
Example of daily deed and content call.