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Be Kind.
Wear kind.
Inspire kind.

Take action and join us in inspiring a kinder world.

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Want to make the world a kinder place?

We’ve heard it before: the world needs more kindness. But paying it forward takes desire and initiative. So, let’s get intentional about our acts of kindness.

It's free
Black and white globe with people around it. Black and white globe with people around it.

Kindness Counter


It's free

Random Acts of Kindness

With your help, we’re creating the world’s largest kindness movement. From motivating others (and redeeming cool rewards) in the Kindness Community to boldly expressing the message with the Kindness Shop, let’s influence change - and have a good time doing it.

About Inspire Kindness Be a part of the movement.

Be Kind.

Our Kindness Community unites people with a motivating challenge – be consciously kind.

It’s simple. Complete an act. Inspire others. Get rewarded. Repeat.

For Today,

You never know when someone needs a pick-me-up. Compliment that stranger in line next to you. Then, see the power of kindness in action.

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Join us to sprinkle kindness everywhere.
It’s like confetti, but better.

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Wear Kind.

Be kind, inside and out. Every purchase supports programs that instill kindness in our youth.

Inspire Kindness T-shirt

Stay comfortable while you spread the Inspire Kindness mission in our super soft official logo tee.
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Squiggle lines.

Be the Change Sterling Silver Hammered Pendant Necklace

Sterling silver necklace featuring "Be the Change" from Gandhi's famous words.
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The Kindness Rose

A gift that will be remembered! Our Kindness Rose, a real rose that can be enjoyed for up to one year, is a unique way to say thank you or send holiday, birthday, anniversary well wishes.
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Inspire Kind.

A collection of real stories and real inspirations.

Be Kinder to the Planet with these Eco-Friendly Tips

We all grew up learning the Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s a great rule to live by and should be applied to how we treat Mother Nature too! To get started, here are some simple swaps to live more eco-friendly...

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Scientific Ways Doing Good Does Good for Your Health

Being a nice person positively influences the world around us. But did you know that having kindness in our DNA also impacts our wellbeing?! Of course, we don’t do kind acts for personal gain, but physical and psychological side effects ar...

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Fun Ways to Volunteer While You Travel

Travel + volunteering = voluntourism. From cleaning up beaches to donating school supplies, here are creative ways to give back to communities while vacationing around the world.

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5 Ways to Gift Mom Kindness this Mother's Day

With Mother's Day around the corner, it's time to think of ways to show your mom, or another woman who has positively impacted your life, your love and appreciation. Here are 5 easy ways you can show your favorite woman kindness this Mother...

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Kindness for Kids

Igniting change for
generations to come.

Our Kindness Shop supports initiatives to educate and celebrate the power of kindness with elementary school students. So, when you wear or use Inspire Kindness products, you can feel good about it.

Learn More It helps support kids.
It helps support kids.

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