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1o Bible Verses About Being Kind | Kindness Quotes

For centuries, people have recognized the power of kindness. Not only does being kind help others around you, but it positively impacts your life as well!

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Being Kind After You’ve Made A Mistake

No one is exempt from making mistakes. Part of being human is acknowledging we’re still growing and learning, which also means we make less than perfect choices.

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15 Kindness Quotes for Kids

Inspire your kids to make intentional acts of kindness with these quotes.

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Easy Ways to Practice Everyday Gratitude

Gratitude is an attitude that has many benefits, including health and happiness. It reminds us to appreciate the present and not worry about the past, future and things we don’t have. Make thankfulness routine with these mindful practices.

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Doing Good is Good for You

Being a nice person positively influences the world around us. But did you know that having kindness in our DNA also impacts our wellbeing?! Of course, we don’t do kind acts for personal gain, but physical and psychological side effects ar...

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