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The Kindness Rose: A Real Rose That Lasts Up to a Year

The Kindness Rose is a real rose that lasts for up to one year. Use it as a reminder to spread kindness whenever and wherever you can

Author: Inspire Kindness Team

Kindness Rose Lasts a year

An iconic symbol in love and literature, song and story, the rose has captivated the human imagination for centuries. Its gorgeous blossom and heavenly fragrance make it a messenger unmatched in beauty and grace. Inspire Kindness is proud to offer a unique variation to the classic rose that we are calling the Kindness Rose. Our rose will last much longer than a traditional floral arrangement that needs to be tossed within a week or so.


What is a Kindness Rose?

The Kindness Rose is a real rose. A fresh rose is treated with a unique method that makes the rose last for up to one year. It is the result of a continuous effort by our company to develop high-quality, environmentally-conscious products. Our roses are selected from a particular variety grown in Ecuador that is known for its extraordinary size and appearance. In addition to maintaining its fresh-picked look, the rose retains its natural fragrance and velvety softness as well. This rose is similar to long-lasting, luxury roses (Venus Et Fleur Eternity Roses, Forever Rose, The Million Roses) that are much more expensive. We have developed this rose to be at a cost that makes it easy to gift.


How does the rose last a year?

This magical preservation is achieved through a proprietary, non-toxic process requiring no harsh chemicals, coatings, or applied finishes. No wonder The Kindness Rose wows everyone who receives it!


Where is the Kindness Rose grown?

The Kindness Rose is a unique variety of rose grown in Ecuador, acclaimed as the home of the world's most beautiful roses. The family farm that supplies our roses raises them in an environmentally responsible manner, creates jobs for the community, and ensures fair wages and working conditions. A portion of the farm's profits supports the local childcare center. In recognition of their fair treatment of workers and consistent use of non-toxic chemicals, the farm has received the prestigious Amazon Rainforest Seal of Approval.


Does a Kindness Rose smell like a fresh flower?

Yes, each rose maintains the natural fragrance of a rose for up to a year.


What do rose colors mean?

Red Rose Meaning: The red rose symbolizes love and is universally known to be given as a romantic gesture. Red roses are the perfect gift to give to your significant other to show them how much they mean to you.

White Rose Meaning: The white rose represents purity and innocence. They can also be known to represent youthfulness and new beginnings. White roses are perfect to have at weddings, baptisms, and graduations, all honoring a fresh start.

Pink Rose Meaning: The light pink rose represents grace, joy, happiness, and sweetness. Pink roses are a great gift to give a friend or family member to say thank you and let them know you care about them.

Yellow Rose Meaning: The yellow rose represents feelings of joy and delight. They can be known for sending a message of appreciation and are excellent for cheering people up.


How do you care for the Kindness rose?

It requires no water, sunlight, or tending. Your rose will last longer if you don't display it in direct sunlight for long periods. Please keep it away from high humidity. We recommend minimizing handling, but if the rose gathers dust after a few months, gently wipe using a soft cloth or a duster. 


What are some ways to display the Kindness Rose?

Please take the rose out of its box and display it in your home or office to remind you to spread kindness whenever and wherever you can. We have created a Pinterest board to show you all the creative ways people are displaying the rose. Be sure to send your ideas to us by tagging #inspirekindacts on social media.


Kindness Rose Lasts 1 year


How much is a kindness rose?

Many brands of "forever roses" charge hundreds of dollars per rose. The Kindness Rose by Inspire Kindness retails for just $30 and comes in four colors. Custom colors are available for larger orders.


How can I give the kindness rose? 

There are endless ways to use this unique item as a gift. The Kindness Rose is the ultimate thank you gift for individuals, donors, volunteers, customers, and employees. Consider it for the following occasions:

  • Thank You for Your Donation
  • Thank You for Volunteering
  • Thank You for Your Business
  • Thank You for Attending Our Gala (Or Other Event)
  • Thank You for Attending Our Wedding (Or Other Specific Personal Event)
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations!
  • Happy Anniversary!
  • Thinking of You
  • You Are Appreciated
  • Happy Valentine's Day
  • Happy Mother's Day
  • Thanks for Being a Great Teacher
  • Recognition Award
  • A Welcome Gift for New Employees or Residents

If you give the Kindness Rose in a special way, we would love to hear from you and perhaps feature your organization or cause.


Why is it called a Kindness Rose?

Our product is kindness, and our cause is kids. Inspire Kindness is devoted to inspiring, spreading, and celebrating kindness whenever and wherever we can. And, though kindness is our product, kids are our cause. We created the Kindness for Kids Foundation to provide kindness programs to grade schools throughout the United States. Our goal is to plant the positive kindness seed early, so kids will be less likely to bully each other once they get to middle school. Inspire Kindness funds these programs through direct contributions and by donating a percentage from each rose sold to the Kindness for Kids Foundation.


How do I purchase the Kindness Rose? 

Please visit the Inspire Kindness website to purchase your rose. If you need large quantities for a corporate gift, nonprofit event, or personal thank-yous, please email [email protected]


Read reviews about the Kindness Rose:

"I received this rose as a thank you gift. It is beautiful and smells lovely! Amazing that it will last 6-12 months without water!"

"I gave these to my mom and my wife/mother of my kid. They both had never seen anything like it before. Anyone can give a normal rose but this...they can enjoy for much longer."

"I received a red kindness rose as a thank you gift, and it was a wonderful surprise! It smells lovely, and it looks great even after one week!"

"The fact that no water is needed is really amazing. I keep it on my desk and don't worry about it losing petals or having to remember to water it."


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