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10 Ways to Honor Our Fallen Heroes This Memorial Day

Author: Inspire Kindness Team

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What is Memorial Day and why do we celebrate it?

While Memorial Day often signifies the unofficial start of summer, the day holds much more meaning than that. Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed the last Monday of May each year, that honors the men and women that died while serving in the United States military. 


How can we show kindness and honor fallen heroes this Memorial Day? 

While we can no longer be kind to someone that has passed away, we can be kind to their memory and their family members. Here are a few ways to extend kindness and empathy this Memorial Day: 


10 Ways to Honor Our Fallen Heroes This Memorial Day

1. Pause for a moment of silence at 3 PM your local time for the National Moment of Remembrance

2. Show your patriotism by flying your American flag. The formal ritual is for the flag to hang at half-staff until noon on Memorial Day and then raised to the top for the rest of the day. 

3. Visit a military cemetery or war memorial. 

4. Watch the National Memorial Day Concert on PBS. 

5. Wear a red poppy or place them in your home. According to, this tradition originated from a World War 1 poem about a brigade surgeon who once saw the bright red flowers growing on a ravaged battlefield. A tradition developed to wear the flower to commemorate the sacrifice so many made while fighting for their country. 

6. Tell a story or share a photo on social media about a friend or family member that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. 

7. Call, text, or visit someone that has lost a soldier. Celebrate the memory of this hero. 

8. Donate to a charity that supports military families. Here are some examples.

9. Go to a Memorial Day parade.

10. Be thankful for our fallen soldiers and extend your thoughts and prayers for their families.


Memorial Day is set aside as a day to remember the people that have lost their lives to secure and defend our freedom, but every day is a good day to be kind to our military, their families, and the memory of the soldiers we have lost.


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