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5 Jobs That Take Kindness to the Next Level

Author: Aliyah Casey

In today's fast-paced and corporate world, you often hear big CEOs and company founders talk about how competitiveness is the driving force behind success ⁠— and this can be true. However, this advice fails to acknowledge that compassion and empathy are also crucial inside the workplace. As most jobs are examined through different metrics and KPIs, striving to attain success and maximizing productivity in the workplace might throw any semblance of kindness out the window.

Indeed, Our ambassador Gloria Mayfield Banks points out that any success that's attained without having kindness as a top priority is only temporary. There's a truth to this as the higher your position in a company goes, the more you'll have to interact with people. Effective communication requires having empathy, and lacking it might give you a harder time to understand and truly hear what the other person has to say.

While all jobs can benefit from kindness, there are a few that take it to the next level. If you have a passion for practicing kindness and compassion, here are a few careers that you might flourish in.



In the healthcare industry, everyone must have empathy to truly understand the pain and suffering that patients go through and respond accordingly. There's a little more emphasis on nurses practicing compassionate care, as they spend more time with patients than physicians or hospital administrators. This is more important now than ever before, as chronic illnesses that need lifelong treatment are expected to rise by 57% at the end of 2020. Nurses who practice kindness give their patients the support and assurance that they need to face a difficult treatment plan, a tedious recovery, or even a scary surgical procedure.


Social Work

Not everyone can manage their personal lives with ease. And as daily challenges become tougher and tougher, the need for compassionate social workers will only rise. Social workers do some of the most critical jobs in America, and they're also some of the most in-demand today. This is a fact that is being reflected in the increasing number of people who study social care at higher education and through other institutes. Reports from Maryville University reveal that the demand for BSW degree holders is set to increase by 20% across a wide range of settings — from schools and clinics to non-profit organizations and correctional facilities. This goes to show that kindness is needed now more than ever, and professionals looking to practice it for the people who need it the most have a lot of opportunities to showcase their empathy.



Everyone knows that teaching goes beyond just following a curriculum and grading a student's ability. Handling a classroom can get demanding and draining, and this means that teachers have to stretch out their patience and be sensitive to their students' needs. Besides helping their students attain proficiency in different subject matters, teachers also need to instill essential values like empathy and respect by being living and breathing examples.



Another job that's grounded on altruism and empathy is veterinary care. The Insurance Information Institute detail that 67% of all households in America have at least one pet showing how the need for veterinarians who practice kindness is on the rise. More than just steady companions, pets also have profound effects on the well-being of American families. So in this industry, it's essential to be incredibly mindful and sensitive as veterinarians aren't only treating the animals ⁠— they also play an important part in keeping American families with furry companions happy and satisfied.



Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight by going to the gym will tell you the importance of fitness instructors who know how to motivate properly. The weight loss industry is built on shaming tactics ⁠— and this may encourage gym-goers to hate their bodies instead of embracing it. Health writer Annabelle Edge explains that fitness instructors need to show that they have imperfections and let people exercise at their own pace. The more humanized people in the fitness industry are, the more they can get through a person and inspire them to care for their bodies.


In this world, a lot of industries don't require kindness, but all industries can benefit from kindness. To learn more, read our book, The ROI of Kindness.



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