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The Woman Behind The Kindness Rocks Project

The Kindness Rocks Project is a grassroots Kindness moment that encourages painting uplifting messages on rocks and leaving them around for another person to find.

Author: Inspire Kindness Team

Kindness Rocks Project Founder

The Kindness Rocks Project is a grassroots Kindness moment that encourages painting uplifting messages on rocks and leaving them around for another person to find. This project started when Megan Murphy painted a few rocks and left them at her local beach. After seeing the community’s positive reaction, she began painting lots of Kindness Rocks in hopes that they would find the person who needed the uplifting message. Today, Kindness Rocks can be found all over the United States as well as 20 other countries! The positive impact of these messages is truly limitless. 

Megan’s Journey

After selling her business and looking for her next chapter in life, Megan Murphy returned to her beach walks where she lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Walking along the beach was a calming pastime for Megan, and she looked for inspiration by way of signs and messages from her parents who had passed away when she was in her early twenties.

Megan asked her mom and dad to send her signs in nature: a heart-shaped rock, a piece of sea glass, etc. She would see these items and find comfort in them. Then one day, Megan thought that maybe there was some way she could leave positive messages for others to discover while they walked the beach. 

The First Kindness Rock

One morning, Megan walked along the beach as usual, but this time she brought along a permanent marker. She took a few rocks and wrote positive notes on each one, then placed them back down in the sand. Some examples of messages Megan would write were, “You can do it” and “Believe in yourself.” She hoped that someone would see the rock, smile, and carry on with their day. 

Kindness Rocks Now

Since then, the Kindness Rocks Project has continued to grow year over year. Some rocks have a simple message, while other rock designs have become much more detailed and specific. Rocks are left in parks, on beaches, beside buildings, and more. Schools, non-profits, corporations, nursing homes, hospitals, and community centers have gotten on board with this project to promote kindness and positivity in their communities. 

Kindness Rocks Project

Megan created a Kindness Rock Inspiration Garden at her local beach on Cape Cod. The garden serves as a source of inspiration for people who walk by. They are encouraged to take a rock for themselves or leave a rock that they have painted. Rock-painting groups around the world have also started their own rock gardens to keep one common area to put their kindness rocks, and to encourage other community members to join in spreading kindness.

The Kindness Rocks Project Garden

Impact of the Kindness Rocks Project on Megan

The Kindness Rocks Project has changed so many lives, including Megan’s. She never expected it—her personal hobby—to take off the way that it did. Megan has received thousands of thank-you notes and positive messages for starting this movement. Her children also love seeing the impact their mom has made in the world. 

Megan responds to each and every person who reaches out to her as she believes the project is not simply about the rock but rather about letting people know that they matter. Megan wants to let each and every person know how grateful she is for their involvement and support. Seeing so many people painting and sharing rocks means the world to Megan, and has truly changed her life.

From Megan:

“One message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook or life… that is what this project is all about, I like to call it the Art of Connecting! You see, someone finds a painted rock with a message on it and they connect with the message, much like a fortune found in a cookie. Once they relate to the ‘message’ they realize that another human being created it for them and so a connection is formed with someone whom they may never meet but the message lets them know that they are not alone, that someone cares and understands what they may be going through.”


Megan Murphy Kindness Rocks Project

How to Get Involved

Here are some ways to get involved in this movement:

  • Paint a rock and leave it for someone to find. Anyone can create these rocks, and they can be placed anywhere someone might find them and bring a little joy. As you create kindness rocks, Megan asks that you add #TheKindnessRocksProject (or create your own hashtag to follow locally) on the back of the rock. 
  • Follow the #TheKindnessRocksProject on social channels. It’s fun to see various designs and cheer people on as they make and find rocks.

Happy creating! Let’s spread some kindness.

The Kindness Rocks Project Paint Kit