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Can we Keep it Kind in Politics?

If we as a society choose kindness, we will see the ripple effects in our schools, our places of business and even in government.

Author: Inspire Kindness Team

Keep it Kind in Politics

Are you tired of all the ugliness in today’s political climate? We are! 

Inspire Kindness recently had the privilege of premiering our new Keep it Kind collection at Politicon, which is known as the unconventional political convention. People from all around the country and every political preference attended this two-day event here in Nashville, TN to participate in discussions, debates, panels, and more. Our Inspire Kindness team set up a booth to convey a simple, yet important message...  Keep It Kind. 

We had a fantastic experience, but we definitely had a lot of different reactions to our message. We had a few from both parties blame the negativity on the other party. Several assumed we had some sort of agenda. The most common negative sentiment was a lack of confidence in the message and said: “kindness in politics would never work.”

Guess what? We couldn’t disagree more! 

We are adamant the kindness message is what our society needs - especially in political circles, and there were plenty of attendees, politicians, and celebrities at Politicon that agreed with us. We sold a lot of shirts with the message, and our Keep it Kind campaign buttons were everywhere. Lots of people stopped by to thank us for being there and that they were happy to see a little positivity. The Keep It Kind message is so applicable in today’s world, and after Politicon, we believe it more than ever. 


So what do we do?

During our discussions, we asked Politicon attendees how they would change the political atmosphere. The consensus was that if we could open a dialogue with one another, hear each other out, and try to see different points of view, we may come to find common ground. This begins with listening to listen instead of listening to respond. It means agreeing to disagree with respect. 

Kindness is a mindset.

Kindness takes practice. 

Kindness is a vehicle that can drive our society forward.

Politics are just one small piece of a larger puzzle. If we as a society choose kindness, we will see the ripple effects in our schools, our places of business, and even in government.

So, where do we start? 

The answer is simple, and it may sound cliche, but keep it kind!


"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." -Maya Angelou